Halloween Night, 2005

After Fitzgerald

My God! What hath God wrought! What a week this is! Remember, the Berlin Wall came down, and few, if any, predicted it happening anywhere near as soon as it did. History is ultimately out of anyone's control, despite the efforts of some to control it, inhibit the flow.

Some mornings, a relative few mornings in your life, you wake up and everything is different. It's just a different world, unmistakably. I think Friday was such a day. And the world is different now.

It's not just a symbolic thing. In politics, with a screwy media that can choose to magnify anything it wants, symbolic may mean a lot. In a court of law, such things have little importance. They are are still a factor whenever human beings are involved, and the law is still interpreted and administered by human beings. Still, it's a much more rigorous system than that which rules politics.

The system of legal logic we are now seeing play out in the CIA agent leak case is a more rigorous system than we are seeing in our political life in recent years. The Bushies just went too far, and tripped the switch and finally activated the mechanisms of the legal system. The country has been ruled by a media fantasy for so many years, the legal logic seems very foreign. Though it's supposed to be the basis of government, the U.S. has become a country run by fantasy and showbiz.

It's an old story often played out on the individual level. If you don't moderate yourself, outside forces will come into play. It is happening with the earth's ecosystem. Scientists have been telling us for many years that the hydrocarbons created by burning petroleum products is destroying the ozone level, allowing more of the sun's heat to reach the surface of the earth, and therefore warming the whole planet. They have said it would take a significant reduction of petroleum combustion to allow the environment to stabilise. To stabilize.

This is back to the fact that the systems have intelligence. The system of nature of the earth, has intelligence and will, collectively intelligence is compounded. The earth's ecosystem, and its myriad subsystems have intelligence and exhibit behavior. But even seen in its barest physical manifestations, the system, when pushed to its limit, will respond, will change.

Human beings have not adapted to the species' own environmental destruction, and so we are increasingly disrupting natural processes, and now we are starting to be the victim of it. The ecosystem is freaking out. It is disiplining us. It may kill us off in great numbers, or entirely to adjust to the changes. Similar forces are at work with the Bushies. Their absolute power on paper was always destined to disintegrate once they played their aces for world domination, overextended their resources and ultimately failed to achieve their objectives.

So the maniac neocons finally went too far. They went too far in my book the day the Supreme Court stopped the voting in Florida and declared the plaintiff, George W. Bush, president of the U.S. What a phoney scam is that? Since then the consolidated every bit of power possible using the power they already commanded to squelch any opposition, and proceeded very quickly in changing the basic nature of the United States. But they became so used to getting away with anything in spite of a vast majority of people opposing them on a given issue, that they lost all restraint, went farther and farther until they finally set off the trap.

I thing the media in general are vastly underestimating the magnitude of the Fitzgerald developments. Part of it is that they don't want to see, or they don't want their audience to see. But this process is beyond their realm of control. It is not the familiar realm in which perception is reality, as when Ronald Reagan fumbled through a debate sounding like a half-wit, and they said he "won" the debate over Jimmy Carter. When there is no opposing view, the one of the anointed media elite, stands.

But once again, those rules no longer apply. The Bushies finally went too far and pushed themselves into the legal system, something they've only vaguely acknowledged before with a wink. But there's nothing funny, or phoney about what Fitzgerald is doing. These guys are sunk.

Paul Krugman, the accidental New York Times columnist, Princeton economics professor and a hard-nosed realist, wrote, "So is the nightmare finally coming to an end? [And you know what nightmare he's talking about.] Yes, I think so." That's pretty big stuff, coming from him. He's no Pollyana. Why does Krugman say it's over? Because, "its essential fraudulence stands exposed, and it's hard to see how that exposure can be undone." There it is.

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