The Night Before
Friday the Thirteenth of June, 2003

Thirteen Days, Umpteen Ways

Is this the awakening? Something is stirring. I think I recognize a spirit that has kinship with the great struggles that built what was good about America.

Do Something! (You can.) At you can sign in with your identifying information and they will send a fax for you to your senators and congressmen to urge them to seek the truth about what was the reason for the mistaken assertions that there were weapons of mass destruction that were a threat to the United States.

If no one can find any evidence that such weapons existed, or that they were suddenly spirited out of the country just when the Iraq regime was fighting for its life, then it leaves a few grim possibilities, as expressed by the president of, Ben Cohen, who is also a co-founder of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, here they are:

JUST PLAIN WRONG. U.S. and British intelligence agencies just got it wrong and Iraq didn't have the stockpiles described in such detail by the spy agencies. This would cast enormous doubt on the government's ability to defend America.

WEAPONS GOT AWAY. The WMD's and the means to make more of them were spirited out of Iraq while the battle was raging. This would mean that Al Qaeda or other terrorists could have these weapons today and could be preparing to use them - a catastrophic blunder.

LIES. President Bush and his advisors lied to the American people and the world about the existence of WMD's in order to get us into this war. This would be a serious crisis for our nation. I heard Cohen speak at one of the D.C. peace marches and he was very impressive. He is pragmatic, resourceful, inventive, passionate. And he made perfect sense. That is the kind of people we need to build a viable democratic movement, some sort of Bill Gates of democratic mobilization. Gates without the maniacal drive to control and monopolize everything yourself, of course.

Through the TrueMajority website, power can be exerted in a way that is cumulatively significant. And it points a way toward more effective organization and intelligent application of political/economic power.

This is the strength of democracy. When the grievances are so severe that they arouse the will to self determination in a people, then an awesome power is unleashed. And it does not rely so much on leaders. It is broad-based, coordinated action. They can't just kill a few people and destroy it. Of course Nixon and Kissinger's friend Pinochet didn't stop at just a few. He killed thousands and thousands. Hopefully the still-surviving cronies of Nixon and Kissinger who now run Washington, will not be as bold as that here. But if they are not, it is because they are convinced they can't get away with it, not out of kindness or pity.

Power must be exerted so they can feel it. And economic power they can feel. It is the only realistic way to oppose the machine. It needs to be taken apart piece by piece.

To go right to the page where you can send the fax click here.

And elsewhere:

  • Why the FCC ruling is bad for America. See New Millennium
  • Another extremely important cause to rally around if democracy is to be restored is what is calling Electronic Rigging. Kim Alexander, president of The California Voter Foundation Rose Rosetree says she can tell Powell and Rice are lying from the way their bodies reveal their stress. It's quite plausible. You can see that they are lying, but Rose breaks it down what she is seeing.
  • Bush is now going to blame someone in what Condi Rice calls "the bowels of the agency." The CIA. Some one will be the fall guy. As Oswald put it, The Patsy. See the Washington Post.
  • This sums it up excellently, the agenda of the Bush administration -- feudalism: "The real agenda of the new conservatives is nothing less than the destruction of democracy in the United States of America. And feudalism is one of their weapons. Their rallying cry is that government is the enemy... And if they plan to destroy democracy, they must have something in mind to replace it with... Corporations and their CEOs are America's new feudal lords, and the new conservatives are their obliging servants and mouthpieces. The conservative mantra is: 'Less government!' But the dirty little secret of the new conservatives is that just as nature abhors a vacuum, so also do politics and power. Every time government of, by, and for We, the People is pushed out of administering some part of this nation's vast commons, corporations step in. And by swamping the United States of America in debt with so-called 'tax cuts,' they seek to force an increasingly desperate government to cede more and more of our commons to their corporate rule." See Commondreams.
  • Harold Pinter: "'The US is really beyond reason now. It is beyond our imagining to know what they are going to do next and what they are prepared to do. There is only one comparison: Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany wanted total domination of Europe and they nearly did it. The US wants total domination of the world and is about to consolidate that. In a policy document, the US has used the term 'full-spectrum domination', that means control of land, sea, air and space, and that is exactly what's intended and what the US wants to fulfil. They are quite blatant about it." See The Guardian.

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