May 3, 2003

All For Nothing

Federal judges struck down campaign finance reform. (see The New York Times.) All that for nothing. All the outrage, the public outcry, the final reluctant action by the congressional prostitutes, and now it's all for nothing. Money rules. By calling money "free speech", the Republocrats have the perfect non-sequitur for undermining the Constitution. It allows them to use the concept of "free speech" to undermine that very thing, for all but the very wealthy who can afford to hire the mass media.

Again the system has found ways to shore up its power against any democratic challenge. The media is part of the plutocracy. The judges are dupes of the plutocracy. The congress people are mostly hired PR men and lobbyists for the major corporations. Where does one begin to attack such a structure?

It seems to all come back to creating an alternative media system as a starting point, as a means to circulate information that is not controlled by the corporate state. Within that an alternative culture a base can be built for an alternative to corporate totalitarianism. The political system seems to be completely under the control of the plutocrats. And with a new round of media de-regulation coming up courtesy of Michael Powell (see The Black Commentator), it's getting worse.

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