October 15, 2002

Anti War Sentiment Surfaces in Big Media

Go figure. Division among the elites? Or is the opposition to the war just too powerful to ignore? If the major media continue to pretend it doesn't exist when it's everywhere, they are in danger of damaging whatever credibility they have. In any case, whatever the reason, the powerful opposition to the war that has broken out across the country is now breaking through in the major corporate media. Disney/ABC News reported that people across the country in various walks of life, including military people, are voicing concern about the war.

Here's an example:

"If the president could show a clear and present danger I would support action against Iraq, but I don't support it without any evidence, " said a retired businessman and Vietnam Vet. "To me, our economy is far more important than removing Saddam Hussein from power."

A businesswoman from San Diego said, "Bush is trying to settle a score that began with his father."

A San Diego man said, "I think the president wants to take action to enhance his own position. The war powers resolution was timed to benefit those running for election this November."

The fact that people are saying things like this is not surprising. But the fact that it is appearing on ABC News is striking, and intriguing.

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