March 19, 2003

Bad Blood

The transatlantic family feud continues with Son of Bush giving Saddam Hussein and his son 48 hours to git outa Dodge. It's the gunfight at OK Corral all over again, but of course the instigators don't get hurt themselves. They send their peasants in to do the dying, so they can live to fight another day. Now Bush is about to close in on that man who "tried to kill my dad." And the world is dragged into a bloodbath over it.

For some worthwhile links, see below.

  • Robert Fisk describes Baghdad as its millions of residents face "unimaginable danger." America is going to make a hell out of Iraq. See New Zealand Herald
  • Anti-Justice Antonin Scalia said civil rights will be ratcheted down to the minimum. See Sacramento Bee
  • To prove his point with an ironic smack in the face of freedom, Scalia banned media from an event where he is receiving a free speech award. See Yahoo
  • Crank up your media player and check out this glorious mini movie about peace on earth. Boom
  • Bush is all about fear. Chicago Tribune
  • Bombing the Dixie Chicks Americans love brute force and destruction. In a scene reminiscent of the mass destruction of Beatle records by Klan-like rednecks in the mid-1960s because John Lennon told a reporter the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, chick bashing is continuing unabated with some reported to be using bulldozers to destroy the Dixie Chicks CDs because one of them dared to utter an anti-war comment. See Yahoo
  • Bush is a worse diplomat than Saddam Hussein. "President George W. Bush is dreaming the impossible dream," says a UPI story. "In his effort to ensure lasting American global leadership in the 21st century, he has so far only succeeded in isolating his own country from its traditional allies and supporters around the world. Even before a shot was fired in the coming war between the United States and Iraq, the president has discovered that when you lead, they will not always follow. Instead, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has so far shown himself a far more skilful diplomat than the current president of the United States The late U.S. Air Force Col. John Boyd, arguably the greatest strategist the United States has produced, defined strategy as the art of connecting yourself to as many other power centers as possible while isolating your enemy from as many other power centers as possible. By that definition, Saddam also appears to be a far better strategist than Bush and his Pentagon planners.
  • War Inc. Who is making the bucks off this new war enterprise? See Salon
  • White House letter to Congress warns of more deaths. See CNN

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