March 8, 2003

  • Troops told of March 17 invasion? See
  • As the Bush administration continues to undermine the US economy, the Euro has hit a four-year high at $1.06. (See BBC.) Hey George, all that power you strut around with -- that's economic power, stupid! And it's not yours. It belongs to the American people. Bush is turning the US into a second-rate power with alarming speed.
  • The creator of the website received a letter on White House stationery requesting that he remove a satirical Lynne Cheney biography. (See Reuters.) The letter cited a number of legal cases and implied legal consequences if the material was not removed. The American Civil Liberties Union took up the case and is waiting for an answer from the White House. A Cheney aid, afraid to be identified, said Dick and Lynne didn't even know about the letter and consider the matter closed. No insult is too petty for the attention of the gangster regime.
  • Flashback. Ted Rall draws GWB, AWOL and immune in 1973, 30 years before becoming commander in chief of World War III.
  • The Gangs of DC. Gangsters rule the world. See Moscow Times
  • The US is torturing and killing prisoners, setting a great precedent for when our soldiers are captured. See The Independent.
  • Here is the script of the famous scripted press conference of the other night:, which shows the part where Bush said, "This is scripted." For more on this Puppet Show of the Absurd and its aftermath, see:, and
  • House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi states the obvious (today a revolutionary act). If the Democrats had had an ounce of spine, they could have stopped this when they had a chance to vote on it. Instead senators and congresspeople improperly voted away their constitutional authority to decide whether to wage war, (including Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who is too busy touring munitions factories to talk to her constituents about issues like the coming war crimes of her government.) See Yahoo
  • Too little too late. Now Democratic Senator Tom Harkin is backpedaling and disclaiming and saying he was "fooled" when he voted for Bush's resolution. He did it with the understanding that all diplomatic channels would be tried first. He should have waited to vote yes until those efforts were, in fact, exhausted. Now he says he's "not going to be fooled twice." Easy to say now. Too bad he was such a fool -- and a chicken -- the time it counted. See The Des Moine Register.
  • The little man, the petty man, never forgives a slight. See Bush Snubs Helen Thomas.
  • Paul Krugman: Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear. The little man is taking his snubbery to global proportions, stirring up hate campaigns against countries that won't go along with his planned invasion of Iraq. With Mexico, if they oppose him, Bush says, "There will be a certain sense of discipline." And he alluded to "an interesting phenomena taking place here in America about the French . . . a backlash against the French, not stirred up by anybody except the people." Nobody except CNN, Fox, and virtually all the major media, and the members of the rabid right government.

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