March 21, 2003

The Blitzkrieg Is On

The mass murderers have launched their "shock and awe" terror war on Baghdad. God help the Iraqi people, and God have mercy on the souls of the killers. If there is a hell, Donald Rumsfeld has a seat of honor waiting.

CNN was gurgling all over itself describing the "brilliant light and raining fire from the explosions." The Associated Press referred to "mighty" explosives that sent "enormous fireballs ... high into the night sky" over Baghdad. Oh the rockets red glare, as we destroy a defenseless city, a city that the US cynically used the UN to disarm, then when it had virtually no defenses, came crashing down with the most destructive weapons ever unleashed on human beings. Is there not an ounce of decency in these people, one shred of concern over showing some integrity, some humanity, some sense of fair play?

They are all so impressed with themselves and America's massive weapons. They think that makes them tough, and it's a matter of great concern to them that they be seen as tough, as it is with most people who know they are really cowards. Any fool knows that the "leaders" the regime says it is targeting are going to be the safest ones of the entire population. An attempt take them out with brute firepower will probably kill almost everyone before it touches the well-bunkered elite. Rumsfeld and the gang are slaughtering civilians and they are well aware of it.

The brave ones in this pathetic tale are the Iraqi civilians.

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