February 8, 2003

David Corn: Hunting Down Lefties

The World Socialist Web Site examines attempts to discredit the peace movement by calling it communist or some equivalent. It points up some disturbing indications of help in this effort from publications traditionally seen to be "left" leaning. The Nation's David Corn has turned up again as a police force attempting to isolate anyone whose opinions deviate too much from the "acceptable" positions.

Corn appeared on the O'Reilly show (All together now: UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!). According to WSWS, "O’Reilly introduced Corn by saying, 'And you say that the Workers World Party, a hardcore communist organization in the USA, is putting together these peace rallies, is that true?' Corn replied, 'To call them an organization is perhaps giving them too much credit. I doubt they have enough people to fill a telephone booth. They’re a very small sectarian political outfit based in New York City.'"

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