January 19, 2003

Views of the DC Demonstration

The DC Demonstration: A Noncorporate View

A quarter of a million people demonstrated in DC, according to Intervention Magazine. "They couldn't ignore us this time," says writer Regis T. Sabol.

They came in fleets of buses, from cities large and small, from north and south, east and west. Twenty-five buses came from Brooklyn alone, with another 50 from the Big Apple itself. Minneapolis boasted a caravan of 45 buses while tiny Rhode Island had 15 buses, all carrying protestors to the Capitol. One bus traveled north from Gulf Port, Mississippi picking up passengers along the way in Alabama and delivering them to the center of resistance in the nation's capital.

Row after row of buses from Philadelphia and Chicago, Maine and Florida, New Jersey and Texas, from Montana and Georgia, queued at drop off stations with their manifests of Americans determined to tell George Bush, "don't even think about it."

January 19, 2003

The AP View

In the Associated Press report on the DC peace march, the headline speaks of arrests, which was an incidental aspect of the event, certainly not nearly the central or most important aspect of it. It would be like reporting on the president's day by focusing on his bowel movement. The article closes with a little comic relief from Colin Powell, quoted on "Face the Nation" saying that his boss "is trying every means not to go to war, but the decision to go to war is in the hands of Saddam Hussein." That's a good one, Colin, a real knee slapper. See Yahoo.

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