March 22, 2003

The Dark Age of America

  • Check out this excellent site: It's full of fascinating information with great links about the current mess.
  • While the Bush administration sends working class kids off to kill and be killed in Iraq to make the rich richer, the Republican party is cutting veteran benefits here at home. See Veterans Against the Iraq War.
  • Hang your heads, Americans. Show me no flags.
  • Read it and weep, America, your terrorist government's "doctrine of shock and awe." What is it? "nearly incomprehensible levels of mass destruction." What's it for? "an overwhelming level of shock and awe against an adversary on an immediate basis to paralyse its will to resist". Does that make you proud to be an American? See BBC.
  • This "war" is a $400 billion-a-year monster military against a rag-tag beaten down army trying to defend a poor country. It's not a war, it's a mass extermination. See heavyweight vs bantamweight.
  • A 2nd wave of antiwar protests broke out today, see The Sacramento Bee.
  • The Iraq invasion is creating havoc the world over. See CBS.

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