January 23, 2003

Dubya Clashes with Military Leaders

Now Junior is at odds with some military leaders because they are less militaristic than he is. (See a delightful little journal called Capitol Hill Blue.)

According to the article, Pentagon sources are saying some of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are urging restraint. But Bush isn't having any of that sissy crap. He's fuming at what he allegedly perceives to be opposition to his role as Commander in Chief. CHB quotes a White House source as saying, "The President considers this nation to be at war, and as such, considers any opposition to his policies to be no less than an act of treason."

Actually military men are sworn to obey any "lawful" order. Even the Commander in Chief role does not confer absolute power. There are limits in law. Georgey never learned about limits, though. He may learn yet.

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