February 27, 2003

  • 9/11 in Context: Plans and Counterplans Fascinating, sober look at the world outside the American media fantasy. "Provocation and fake terror as the pretext for a new assault on capital's enemy, the working people of the world, is nothing new; most wars of the last hundred years have started this way. (Wars are, above all things, attacks on working people -- who fight them and die in battle, and are the vast bulk of the "collateral damage" as well. In the last analysis, all wars are class wars.)
  • Two latest essays by the ever-fiery and focused John Kaminsky are "The Dead Zone Scenario: What do we do when confronted by the certainty of evil?" and "Heads They Win, Tails We Lose"
  • The Blacklisted Journalist says We Are Being Ruled By Power Crazed Madmen. He's right, you know.
  • Dan Spillane, a voting machine test engineer, filed a lawsuit against his former employer, DRE touch-screen voting machine manufacturer VoteHere charging wrongful and retaliatory termination. He says he was removed so he couldn't blow the whistle on the company. He says he has evidence showing voting systems are certified despite known flaws, demonstrating a weakness in both the NASED and the ITA system for certifying machines. See Black Box Voting.
  • Check out the government transcript of a press conference in which our boy Ari was laughed off the podium at whitehouse.gov. Ari to reporters: "You're saying that the leaders of other nations are buyable. And that is not an acceptable proposition." (laughter)
  • Konformist.com is an amazing site about mind control. Here's a sample: [Dr. Louis Jolyon West, the head of the UCLA Psychiatry Department and the director of the prestigious UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute] was called upon [in 1964] to evaluate the 'mental state' of a man by the name of Jack Ruby, at the time being held pending trial for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. West quickly determined that Ruby was delusional, based on his obviously absurd belief that there was some sort of fascist conspiracy behind the assassination of President Kennedy. Dr. Jolly, as he was known to colleagues, ordered Ruby drugged with 'happy pills.' Ruby subsequently died of cancer, which he maintained he had been deliberately infected with. Having finished up that assignment, the doctor soon after found himself a crash-pad in the Haight where he could 'observe' the acid subculture in its native environment by drugging unwitting 'subjects.'
  • The Vatican says war by US without the backing of the UN would be a crime. See swissinfo.org
  • President Doublespeak says war against Iraq will make it easier to get peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Yeah, right George! See MSNBC
  • Pew poll shows Bush support continues to drop. See Yahoo News
  • When Saddam Hussein in an interview with Dan Rather proposed speaking to Bush in an open forum on international television, Rather said, "You mean a debate?" then struck a typically Rather confused expression and asked; "This is not a joke?" CBS News
  • Goev Parrish of workingforchange.com comments on Bob Woodward's insider nonhistory of events in Bush at War.
  • Bob Herbert in the New York Times quotes from a copy of William Buckley's National Review from the late 1950s. It essentially claims the right to nullify democracy if it takes power from the ruling white race, which are the ones who should lead the society because they are -- by definition -- the most advanced. "If the majority will what is socially atavistic, then to thwart the majority may be, though undemocratic, enlightened," said the voice of Conservativism. "...the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race. . ." Beautiful tautological thinking. If you define your group as the most advanced, then put forth the principle that the most advanced should rule, you conveniently proclaim yourself ruler.
  • According to Newsday, there is growing resistance to paperless voting machines that cannot be checked for accuracy.
  • Norman Mailer, in Gaining an Empire, Losing Democracy, says what used to be known when history was a recognized subject. Fascism is the most natural state of human society. Democracy is the special case, and must be built and maintained through great effort.
  • Is China next in the US plan for world dominance? See The Guardian.
  • Bush practices bait and switch. See a photographic display of his career of such tricky behavior at www.house.gov
  • Bush is using our tax money to buy support for his war from other countries. See informationclearinghouse.info.

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