July 1, 2003

Fiddling Around While New York Burns

The Memory Hole has made available a copy of the video taken of Bush on September 11 the moment he was allegedly informed of the second crash at the World Trade Center. It is an eery, strange thing to see. It's reminiscent of the Zapruder film, a grainy, unclear, wobbly image of a unique, horrific moment, the moment the "president of the United States" is informed that the country is under attack. And he just sits there, like a bag. Inert. It's soooo weird! It's hard to see his facial expressions clearly, to try to ascertain what is going on in his head. What was he thinking while he is sitting there? What can he be thinking? He's the president of the United States. Why doesn't he act? Why doesn't he do something? How can he just sit there? He's the one person who has the power to do something and of all the people in the whole country who knew what was happening, he was probably the most inert. This is something you have to see just for its colossal bizarreness.

For more glimpses of the Bizarro Bush Universe, see below:

  • The great tell-it-like-it-is piece of the day: "Are journalists spineless?"
  • "Two days in the life of GWB". Lies selected randomly.
  • "Scandal lurks in shadow of Iraq evidence". If people wake up to the fraud that is being perpetrated on them -- and that could happen -- it could be deep for the Bushies.
  • The great American sage(not), Time magazine, on "Who lost the WMDs?"
  • Even the stuffy, corporate elite rag The Economist says Carlyle gives Capitalism a bad name. That's how bad things are getting, that the likes of The Economist, fully in the corporate corner, has to acknowledge the foulness of The Carlyle Group. To distance themselves to maintain some measure of credibility to the people who are not part of the Carlyle Group.
  • The Guardian says the attacks going on daily in Iraq are raising very troubling questions that no one has the answer for, least of all the Bush administration.
  • Bush's "democracy in Iraq" what a pathetic joke. According to an Associated Press report on The Guardian, "An Iraqi businessman detained during a raid on his home says U.S. interrogators deprived him of sleep, forced him to kneel naked and kept him bound hand and foot with a bag over his head for eight days." If there is one thing the Bush administration understands, it's cruelty.
  • According to Wired, "To track domestic terrorist threats against the military, the Pentagon is creating a new database that will contain 'raw, non-validated' reports of 'anomalous activities' within the United States." These people are so far over the top! Control freaks beyond anything ever seen!
  • You did hear the one about Bush telling the Palestinian leader that God told him to attack Al Qaeda and Iraq. Yes. That wasn't a dream, you really did hear that. For more of the very serious thinking that needs to be done about such a situation, see Commondreams.
  • An Associated Press report says "Israeli Likens BBC Program to Nazi Press". This is a little like AntiAmericanism, but not as easy to see because Israel really has an ethnic unity, which "America" cannot claim. But to write a news story that claims Israel is stockpiling nuclear weapons does not seem to be an "antisemitic" act if it's true. Calling out "antisemitism" is not the defense against every charge. The Israeli government cannot claim to BE the Jews any more than the U.S. government can claim to be Americans, though of course it does. All of the antisemitism suffered in history does not justify the brutality and murder carried on by the Israeli government in Palestine, just as nothing justifies the U.S. mass murder in Iraq. Does the Israeli government have nuclear weapons or not? To ask the question is not in itself "antisemitism."
  • A unique clash between the BBC and the government has come to a head. A reporter said he will sue the deputy leader of the House unless he apologizes for calling the reporter a liar about his claims that Blair "sexed up" the weapons intelligence for the desired effect. See The Guardian.
  • After carefully considering the whole situation, "Guess What? The Anti-War Folks Were Right".

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