May 16, 2003

Fortress America

A week after Bush blew off questions about Al Qaida, boasting that "they are no longer a problem," they have emerged as very much a problem for the families of the people who were killed in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, the country named for the "royal" family that rules it, and the country where the 19 alleged perpetrators of 911 came from, has somehow not yet become a target of the Bush wrath.

Now the State Department is issuing more travel warnings for more countries said to harbor threats of one kind or another. On May 14, it issued an announcement about Kenya, warning Americans "of the continuing high potential for terrorist actions against U.S. citizens in east Africa." The department "believes there is a credible threat of terrorist attacks in east Africa. Travelers to east African destinations should carefully review their plans accordingly. The threat to aircraft by terrorists using shoulder-fired missiles continues in Kenya, including Nairobi. Seaports may also be targeted. Other east African countries face similar threats. Supporters of Al-Qaida and other extremists are active in east Africa. Americans in the region must remain vigilant with regard to their personal security and exercise caution. Terrorist actions may include suicide operations, bombings, or kidnappings."

Oh and one other thing worth mentioning: "Terrorists do not distinguish between official and civilian targets." What a coincidence, as the US gives Iraq a taste of "American Justice" Bush-style with its stated policy of shooting Iraqis on the street who are suspected of looting. (See State Department.)

An announcement on May 5 warned U.S. citizens "of the continuing threat of anti-American violence, including terrorist actions that may target civilians specifically in the Middle East, including the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa."

There are also warnings for Malaysia, Iran, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. (See

I'm beginning to reach for my globe now to find out where I can still go, but no problem! Now it's everywhere! The State Department is now warning Americans about the whole world. On April 21 a Worldwide Caution was issued, one that "supersedes the Worldwide Caution dated March 19, 2003." It goes on to "remind U.S. citizens of the continuing threat of terrorist actions that may target civilians and of the need to remain vigilant. The U.S. Government remains deeply concerned about the security of U.S. citizens overseas. U.S. citizens are encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness. This Worldwide Caution expires on September 20, 2003." But by then there will be plenty of others. In fact, the Next Big Al Qaida attack may have come by then. Or more. Maybe a Korean nuke in San Francisco.

I can accept the fact that the world is and always has always been a dangerous place in some ways, that there are no risk-free places. But I seethe with anger when I think that the Bush mob's criminal activities around the world are turning the whole planet into a dangerous place for Americans. It doesn't have to be like this. And all of this barbarism, all the Bush mob's aggression and plunder only serves their little clique. The ordinary American working people are not sharing in the spoils of the Bush wars. We as taxpayers have to pay for them, some pay with their lives. But the wealth doesn't come to us. That is privatized.

The citizens pay for the war. That's public, even though the public could only be manipulated into "supporting" it in polls by endless propaganda using fear as the instrument of power. But the profits of the war, the oil, the "rebuilding", etc. will be channeled into the pockets of a few. And those few will channel plenty of them right back to the politicians that enabled their extortion.

So as the US government continues to inflame the world in hatred, what are we going to do, build massive walls around the country and shoot anyone who gets near? Remember the Alamo! Oh no, that's right. I remember now, Bush is going to build the Reagan-style shield around America that will make America invulnerable, like Superman. A missile shield that will brilliantly seek out all threats and annihalate them before they can cause any harm.

According to a Reuters report, "Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad mocked the United States for issuing travel warnings, including advice to its citizens not to visit his country. 'This is because they felt guilty as they have committed all sorts of actions like killing and oppressing others, and as such they're afraid of their own shadow,' the state-run Bernama news agency quoted Mahathir as saying."

The missile shield idea becomes increasingly quaint as new threats proliferate at a rapidfire pace and no progress is made toward making Reagan's fantasy functional (except as a way to reward big donors with lucrative defense contracts). So now, since they know the missile shield is bogus, the junta is working on new varieties of nuclear weapons. They'll threaten everyone with nukes now. They really think they can beat the whole world into submission.

How could any sane person -- or even any Republican -- say that the Bush regime's "War on Terror" has made Americans safer? Is it possible that the administration can really "stop terrorism," beat down Al Qaida and all other "extremist" resistance in the world with overwhelming force? It sure doesn't look like it's working. The Bush buddies got Iraq's oil. That's about the only thing that has been accomplished by all this.

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