April 24, 2003

Fox News Employee in Looting Arrest

Right, we knew Fox was dripping with sleaze. After seeing their reporting, why should we be surprised that one of them was busted for looting? See Boston.com

The Associated Press report says, "Members of the news media and U.S. soldiers are being investigated for taking art, artifacts, weapons and cash from Iraq, with criminal charges already brought in one case, federal officials said Wednesday...

"So far, only Benjamin James Johnson, who worked as an engineer for Fox News Channel, has been charged."

Elsewhere in the royal media:

  • Evangelical crusaders with overt hostility to Islam are heading to Iraq: your tax dollars at work. See The Independent
  • The Royal Herald talks about court minstrels and the consequences of taking a stand.
  • "The purpose of Earth Day, founded in 1970 by John McConnell, is to further 'peace, justice and the care of the Earth'," says Alan Bisbort. "Since none of this holy trinity (peace, justice, Earth-care) is occurring, or is likely to occur, under the watch of this White House of warmongers, hanging judges and polluters, let's cut the crap. Let's call off Earth Day..." See hartfordadvocate.com.
  • What is all this crap about Bush "using his military victory to push a tax cut?" What is the logic of that? Because the guy ordered the world's biggest military machine to destroy a small, broken down country he's a big hero? All it takes to do that is lack of moral inhibition, which certainly qualifies Bush. But even if this absurd proposition meant anything, how would his war hero/military genius status qualify him to pass a tax cut that will throw the country into further fiscal chaos, and which is transparently a payoff to his big-money donors? (See International Herald Tribune.)
  • "Poll Full of Bad News for Bush," says Mike Hersh. "Less than 20 months before Election Day 2004, the mass media cheerleaders tell us AWOL Bush is riding high. Fresh from proving peace and inspections advocates were correct -- that Saddam Hussein posed no threat to Americans -- Bush is riding a wave of faux patriotism and war pride. But that wave can't cover up weakness polls reveal." See mikehersh.com.

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