June 25, 2002

Freedom of --
Shut Your Mouth!

"Freedom of Information Under Attack" by Charles Lewis states eloquently the essence of our most pressing problem.

We know the Busherthals are trying to push the world back to pre-civilization. But I can't help but wonder: Do they see it in historical terms? That is, are they trying to re-establish feudalism because they believe it is the proper world order? Or is it just a raw, primordial urge for power? It is far too easy to write off Dubya as stupid.

Though it may be true in a certain context -- in the context of actual events, if he is a fool what does that make us?

No, the stupid Dubya jokes are not funny, and they are getting less funny. A man does not have to be terribly bright to act as the friendly frontman for fascism. Reagan is the model. It takes a certain kind of smarts. The required set of talents is remarkably close to the profile of George W. In a very real sense he was born and bred to rule.

Besides being an heir to power, Bush Jr. represents other aspects of traditional monarchy. He's a rather degenerate extremity of a family that is pathologically turned in upon itself, a crime/power family for many generations, and people who take very seriously their aristocracy.

Baby Bush doesn't have to be all that smart. But the rest of us better get a lot smarter.

-- By David Cogswell

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