March 10, 2003

Gloomy Monday

Every day dawns like silent thunder as the maniacal regime pushes the world relentlessly toward the gates of hell.

The poor people of Iraq sit on death row, awaiting their fate, to be incinerated as examples of what happens to any nation that defies the New World Order. Americans await their initiation as war criminals, the new rogue nation of the world, the aggressor state that may attack anyone at any time with massive force that will shock and awe. The world is being plunged into conflagration by a handful of maniacs, a fascist gang fronted by a milktoast Hitler.

For Americans who support the massive bombing of civilians in a defenseless third world country, who believe the lies of their government and media, many of whom believe erroneously that a link has been demonstrated between Saddam Hussein and 9-11, many of whom don't even know the difference between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, may God forgive you. You obviously know not what you do. Whether or not ignorance is an excuse to sign on to mass murder may be a question to consider, if there is a heaven, or even if one must live on earth.

It may be worth remembering that the country that suffered the most casualties in World War II was the aggressor, the country that initiated the war based on absurd pretexts, the country that had the most awesome military machine ever seen on earth, the country that had been invincible.

If you are a working person, not affiliated with the oil industry or the weapons industry or another sector that will be enriched by this war, you had better wake up. This government has no more concern for you than it has for poor people in other countries. If you are not part of the wealthy sector of the US, you are part of the third world as far as this administration is concerned. It has plans for you all right, for your children as soldiers to be bulldozed into mass graves or incinerated in the desert of Iraq in pursuit of oil profits for them, or for your life savings to be snatched by some CEO buddy of the president, whose crime will be forgotten and whose name will be drowned out in the chaos of war. Those who are not wealthy have only diminished hopes to look forward to, more of the same of what you've been seeing since this regime hijacked your government.

Flailing wildly out of control, the administration keeps things stirred up day after day, intent on commanding the news agenda so the real news doesn't surface. Today's headlines say the US is telling 60 countries to send their Iraqi diplomats home, diplomacy not being an area of activity the administration has much interest in. They always keep everyone guessing, thrown off balance. What is this latest move? What is the point of anything they do? Are they insane?

The insanity continues. As worldwide resistance to the war grows in mass and fury, the US media establishment responds by moving farther right, if that can be imagined. MSNBC fired the mild Phil Donahue and hired three more right wing commentators.

What's next?

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