May 21, 2003

Hollow Men

  • "While hollow men strut aboard aircraft carriers and smack their lips with regal smirks announcing false victories, the war of lies takes it toll in human life. The dead and dying are resurrected as martyrs to justify more violence, and their epitaphs are nothing more than empty slogans and unfulfilled pious promises." See
  • Former New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman quit as Bush's head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Christie suddenly got a powerful urge to spend more time with her family, according to her letter of resignation. "As rewarding as the past two-and-a-half years have been for me professionally, it is time to return to my home and husband in New Jersey," she wrote, "which I love just as you do your home state of Texas." Wonder if George will take the hint. See CBS
  • Al Qaida is threatening "stunning blows" to the US and Israel. And making good on them just as Bush tells America they are gone. See ABC.
  • Why, on May 1, 2003, did George W. mislead the American public by declaring that the terrorist network was weakened and unable to strike us just days before another attack on Americans? See
  • Some Congresspeople, including Mr. Impeachment Henry Hyde want to probe Halliburton and Bechtel and find out about how they got these contracts to clean up in Iraq. See SFGate.
  • Forgetting the Alamo. Texas Republicans are thwarting the state's tradition of independence as it reaches for federal authority to help squash the Democratic party. See
  • It's all showbiz. The phony staging of the Bush campaign is over the top.
  • Iraqi protests and discontent are building. See
  • Bush fosters the creed of greed, says Kerry. See
  • The US management of postwar Iraq is a fiasco. See
  • Dean says another Bush term will result in a depression. See
  • MCI, the company that almost gave into right wing pressure to dump Danny Glover for being outspoken against the war, has been fined for fraud. Of course the most corrupt corporate giants support Bush's corrupt wars. See
  • The Bush machine is furious about a war crimes case against General Tommy Franks in Belgium. See
  • Iraq is merely a battle in a larger war, said John Pike, director of, an American defense policy research group, that means right wing think tank. See
  • The 911 questions are not going away, despite name calling of those who ask them. Michele Landsberg of the Toronto Star asked some of them and received the typical barrage of hysterical insults as a result. But, as she says, the questions still stand. See

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