December 27, 2003

The Insanity of the Bush Period

Passing the winter solstice period in the north country where the days last only a few hours and die in flaming purple sunsets, I saw a copy of the New York Times for December 26 and it reminded me in many ways of the insanity that has taken over America in the Bush period.

First I see the rendering of the skyscraper that is planned to take the place of the World Trade Center. Many of the lies of the age are built into it. It's called the Freedom Tower, using a word that has been sullied like so many others in the Bush period.

Freedom in the Bush period ceased to have anything to do with actual political freedom, but became in NewSpeak style a word for battering people into submission to the Bush world order. Freedom Fries were the new name for French Fries for people who were fooled into thinking France was practically the only U.S. ally that opposed Bush's invasion of Iraq. That was a huge lie, because practically the whole world opposed that invasion.

That mountain of lies also included the idea that in invading Iraq Americans were fighting for "freedom", that the enemy who destroyed the World Trade Center -- which Americans have taken on faith as being Al Qaeda -- "hates us because we are free." In the Bush World Order, only Bush and his Chosen Ones are free. For the rest of us, freedom is not allowed. The government has the right to examine our personal lives and if "the President" wills it, you can be detained indefinitely without charges, without due process of law. And somehow the invasion of Iraq, which Junior was hot to do anyway, was justified by the WTC attacks, which didn't have the remotest connection to Iraq, yet Bush led Americans to believe they did.

Another massive lie that stares out from the pictures of the new construction project is the belief that it would not be safe to build a skyscraper as tall as the World Trade Center, that somehow its size made it unsafe. That goes along with the well-disproven lies of Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney that no one in government had ever imagined flying planes into buildings as a weapon before. In fact, plenty of thought had gone into defending buildings against attacks using planes as weapons, and for some as yet unexplained reason, many layers of security measures were pealed away that day and the country sat as vulnerable as a newborn baby.

I will never forgive the Bush administration for allowing the World Trade Center to be destroyed. I don't claim to have the answers to what happened that day, but it takes only a little investigation to see that defense procedures that are normally in place were stilled that day. And the American people have still been given no explanation for it. These are massive, unsolved crimes by the people who hold power in the United States, and until those questions are answered and those criminals and liars removed from power, the U.S. remains in a vulnerable, sickly state, wracked with fear and confusion.

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