August 28, 2002

The Solution to the Iraq War Enigma!

Obviously George W. really has a bug up his ass about Saddam Hussein. I mean how would you feel if someone made your father look like an impotent wimp! Him and Bill Clinton together. If Clinton hadn't come along and given the American people some feeble alternative to more years of Bush-style wars and recessions, Poppy could have stayed president and gone after Saddam himself with the U.S. military to do it with. Now that the son is in there, this has to be settled and the rest of the world be damned.

So yeah, sure Junior wants to avenge his father, and can you blame him? How would you feel?

I think it's only fair to let George W. have his chance to square up with Saddam Hussein. I propose that we put them both into a ring, let them agree on whatever weapons they want, guns, knives, swords, brass knuckles... skin, if they are man enough! And let them go at it. Let them tear each other to pieces! And the last man standing wins. How about it? Are you man enough, George?

Here is my message to George W. and his daddy:

Dear Mr. President

-- By David Cogswell

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