January 22, 2004

Journal Jokes

The Wall Street Journal, which is supposed to know something about money if nothing else, keeps trying hard to try to spin this economy into a political advantage for Bush. Yesterday, a big headline said something about "one big lesson from Iowa: It's still the economy, stupid," then a subhead said, "Potential boost for Bush."

Have these guys been our of their offices lately? Do they ever talk to anyone on the street? They call this a good economy. A massive net job loss since Bush took office, some Wall Street war business spiking, and they are like pigs in shit. Give me a break.

"It's the economy, stupid," was James Carville's mantra, used in the struggle to dethrone Bush the First, and a damn good thing it was. The Wall Street Journal is trying so hard to get Bush re-elected they are imagining, or at least pretending to imagine, that this economic disaster is a boom. "Not his father's economy" was another subhead the other day to indicate why Bush is such a shoo-in now. But it is his father's economy. And it's his father's war, too. The Journal is a joke.

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