December 31, 2002

Justice Department Caught Red-Handed

Though Bush is rapidly packing the courts with the likes of lynchmob leader Rhenquist, thug Scalia and house slave Thomas, there are still some judges in the system that stand up for justice.

According to The LA Times "The Indian plaintiffs are seeking a full historical accounting of the Individual Indian Monies trust fund, a sprawling series of accounts started in 1887 when the government forced Indian tribes off 90 million acres of their land. In return, they and their heirs were granted royalties from the sale of oil, gas, timber, mineral and other rights on an additional 11 million acres."

But the Justice Department and the Interior Department are trying to slither out of the agreement by tricky, coercive activity, using the authority of the government to try to trick people into giving up their rights. Same old shit. White man speak with forked tongue. Plus ca change!

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