January 3, 2003

John Kaminski: Clear Vision

John Kaminski sees clearly and says clearly. His latest explosion is The Shadow of Her Smile. Kaminski takes dead-eye aim and pulls no punches. It's painful, but you know what the bodybuilders say: "No pain no gain." Here's a taste:

How many times have we said it: "America is the greatest country in the world." And it is. Everything is just perfect ... if we don't contemplate the unknown horror and unreported violence upon which our paradise is built.

William Blum, author of "Rogue State" and chronicler of American depredations throughout the world, estimates the U.S. has killed seven million innocent people since World War II. Most people don't stop and think how we get what we have, where all this opulence comes from...

Yet the lies and wars and phony justifications continue from one generation to the next, and no amount of investigative reporting - no matter how accurate or shocking - seems to be able to change the behavior of that warped family of aristocratic human predators who have taken control of the way we think and behave. This control enables them to say and do what they want, and the people of the world - distracted by their more mundane concerns like children and paychecks - continue to be afflicted by the schemes of the powerful, with no measure of supposedly democratic participation able to derail this pathological parade of lethal greed that now threatens to make our planet completely uninhabitable.

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