October 12, 2002

Liberate the USA!

Now that Congress gave Bush power to play war games using the dominoes of the Middle East, it is reported in The Guardian and The New York Times that the New Evil Empire has a plan to occupy Iraq after it has "liberated" it.

The plan is reportedly based on the postwar occupation of Japan by the United States under General MacArthur. Of course Japan really attacked the United States so there was some conceivable justification for attacking Japan. The administration is still working on the "justification" part of the plan. The "evidence" is sure to come any time. But now since Congress has shown Bush they don't care bout no evidence, it doesn't much matter.

The U.S. "liberation" of Iraq will require an occupation force of 75,000 soldiers at a cost of $16 billion a year, according to the plan. It's a big expense, but hell, oil is expensive these days and you can't expect the oil companies to pay all these expenses themselves. God knows how much oil it will take to mobilize this invasion and occupation, but that will be good profits for the oil companies and they are Bush's boys after all. They deserve something for funding his election... or almost election.

The profits will go to the oil companies; the expenses will be covered by the American taxpayer. That's the system. You and me, we pay big time, with our blood, sweat and tears to keep these big boys riding high on the hog.

-- By David Cogswell

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