January 11, 2003

Morphizm Interviews Mark Crispin Miller

  • See morphizm.com for a recent interview with Mark Crispin Miller, author of The Bush Dyslexicon. "Democracy is Under Siege," it's called. Can there be any doubt about that?

    Here's an excerpt: "Bush isn't popular. The latest polls from CNN/Time -- which neither Time nor CNN would put up on its Web site -- show Bush at a 55% approval rating, and a 37% disapproval rating. More people distrust than trust Cheney, moreover, and people's trust in Bush is not that great. Also, Bush gets low marks on nearly all his programs -- economic, environmental, you name it. When sitting anxiously at home with memories of 9/11 in their heads, people get that phone call from a stranger -- asking, 'Do you approve of the job the president is doing?' -- a lot of them respond out of plain fear. They want to believe that Bush knows what he's doing, they want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and they want not to seem disloyal. This is how the regime rules -- how, indeed, it has to rule: by terror. It cannot win legitimately, because its interests are the interests of a very small minority. So it requires eternal war. Bush Sr. too was never liked, and only had high ratings after Panama and Desert Storm. Let me add that there's much evidence of systematic voter fraud on 11/5/02. . It is by no means clear that the races in Georgia, Florida, Texas and Alabama were entirely honest. The new electronic voting machines are mostly owned by private interests -- Republicans, in fact -- that will not allow the publication of their programming codes "for proprietary reasons." That's totally unacceptable in a democracy."

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