February 26, 2003

Mass Murder with Flare

These pretty boys in their think-and-kill-tanks love the cute turn of a phrase, like "creative destruction" and "total war" as they eagerly prepare to dole out mass death to the poor people of the world. See "Conflict and catchphrases" in The Guardian.

The article quotes Michael Ledeen, a rightwing ideologue writing in The National Review: "We should have no misgivings about our ability to destroy tyrannies. It is what we do best. It comes naturally to us, for we are the one truly revolutionary country in the world, as we have been for more than 200 years. Creative destruction is our middle name. We do it automatically, and that is precisely why the tyrants hate us and are driven to attack us."

Is there a chance that these lunatics really believe their own BS? Do they really imagine that they are not themselves the tyrants that the whole world fears more than any other? Do they not relish in the fear they engender? Could they imagine that their own designs of world conquest are somehow related to the revolution of the American colonies in 1776 against the British crown? The thinking is so twisted it makes out-and-out murderers seem benign in comparison.

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