January 23, 2003

Nazi's Revenge

For some reason papers like the venerated New York Times are too polite to mention historical facts such as the fact that George W.'s grandfather Prescott Bush financed the Nazis well after the U.S. was at war with them. The Times seems to want to save someone some embarassment.

As is so often the case, we have the outrage of the Times' failure to come to terms with so disturbing and important a fact piled on to the original outrage, the fact that it happened. And the fact that the Bush family wields so much power today. And the way they are exercising that power, that is to say, very much like the Nazis did in Prescott's generation. And thousands of other outrages piled onto that.

Why is this so hard for a paper like the New York Times to come to terms with? For those who speak bluntly -- as Marc Ash does in "Standing on the Dead" -- Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker as partners in the Union Banking Trust of New York financed the Nazis until October 1942, long after the US declaration of war in December 1941. Marc Ash: "Prescott Bush, father of future U.S President George Herbert Walker Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush, had been hard at work on behalf of his Nazi partners. In flagrant violation of U.S. law, Prescott Bush had worked tirelessly to launder money, procure raw materials, arrange transportation and provide guidance for the Nazi war effort and the German army he had helped to build."

Let us remember, Ash says:

As the German army came crashing into Poland, spreading death and destruction in its path, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

As German tanks rolled through the Ardennes Forest and into Paris, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

As Allied forces fighting to defend France were forced literally into the sea at Dunkirk by the German Army, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

As German war planes rained bombs down on London, killing 50 thousand English men, women and children, Prescott Bush continued aiding the Nazis.

As millions died at the hands of the most ruthless and violent organization the world has ever known, Prescott Bush continued aiding them.

And of course, as Hitler and the Nazis planned and carried out the extermination of Europe's Jews, Prescott Bush was an eager and active partner.

For more on the Bush Nazi connection, see Toby Rogers in Clamor magazine.

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