March 16, 2003

New Tricks from the Media Hat

Now that they can no longer suppress the fact that hundreds of thousands are coming out to protest Bush's war, the major media are doing one of their phony "balance" operations on the news. Hundreds of thousands are marching against the war worldwide. A few hundred are coming out for war. So CNN frames it as though the two sides are equal.

CNN's headline also implies that this false view of divided opinions between pro and anti war factions is also reflected internationally. The headline doesn't quite say it, it's ambiguous. It leads you to the conclusion without actually saying it, so you can't technically catch them in a lie: "Worldwide demonstrations show divided opinions." ("I didn't say 'Simon Says'!") Worldwide demonstrations yes. Divided opinions, yes, in the US where people are subjected to constant war propaganda from their TVs. Not internationally. There is no such confusion in other countries.

Farther down in the story, for those whose minds are still intact enough to read more than the headline and the top paragraph, CNN admits that "in the United States, at least, there were those who gathered to support American troops and those who see force as the quickest way to bring about an Iraqi regime change. The largest rallies were for peace."

It's an unjustified, unprovoked attack on a broken-down third world country. Americans who are convinced by the propaganda are acting as though the evil Saddam Hussein has a massive army at our borders ready to overrun the country. They seem to believe that Saddam destroyed the World Trade Center and is going to try to destroy the entire country. But there is nothing to support any of these conclusions except incessant lies from the media propaganda machine.

America the TV Nation has lost touch with reality. TV-watching Americans have been convinced to support a campaign of massive destruction and mass murder for the most obscurely stated, constantly shifting reasons. It is hard to believe that all these people who have been frightened and misled into viciousness would really support such bloodshed of innocent civilians if they truly understood that these people and even their evil dictator pose practically no conceivable threat to America. The worst the Iraqi nation could do to America is to be its victim in an American-sponsored holocaust and thereby turn the world against Americans in a massive wave of righteous anger.

This crisis is being induced by the Bush mob. The threat is being stoked up by the viciousness and the acts of mass murder being arranged by the regime.

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