March 19, 2003

On to Mass Murder

Those who have eyes, let them see. Let's be honest with ourselves: this is not a war. The US spends $400 billion a year on its military. Iraq spends $1.4 billion. There is no contest. There is no defense for the poor people of this third world country. Their sin is being born where there is oil.

John Kaminski sent a copy of a letter he received and his answer to it. Here they are for a sense of reality. This is a pathetic state for America to have fallen to. For a while now, we have been the new Nazi Germany. Now we are to embark on our invasion of Poland, only this will be much more massively destructive and murderous than the Nazis were capable. We are Hitler's dream come true.

For Americans who are misled by the corporate media, I keep remembering Jesus' words, "Forgive them, they know not what they do." Why don't they know? Why have they not taken the trouble to learn about the murder being carried out in their name?

As we approach a US-induced disaster, here are the letters: wrote [to John Kaminski]:

I weep with you over the state of affairs of this once morally great land. I am one of those who help people pass to the other side. I just helped the child who was run over by the bulldozer in Israel. I dread the coming days because I will spend many moments in meditation helping people in meditation to realize that they have passed and to go on to the gates of Light. When I did this awhile back during a massive earthquake, there were 40 thousand dead at that time. It will be much worse this time. Since I am a teacher, I morn for the dead children I will have to help. May the angels of Mercy help us all at this time...M. Knight

Dear M.

Then you are the greatest of gift givers. Take solace that your gifts of love and comfort are carried by many throughout eternity as protection against their fear, and that you will be recognized and sought by everyone forever in friendship and trust for the great favors you have bestowed. Now is the great time of tribulation in which we see how our savage natures inevitably destroy what we love. With eyes open you see the waste, and pity humanity for its foolishness. We are imperfect in the sight of the great all, and ask for no favor but to ease the burden of those who suffer. By this we shall always be known and favored and loved by all those beings who truly care. Remember I am with you always. We must pay for the others who are our brothers, blind though they may be.

John Kaminski

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