May 31, 2003

A Politically Convenient Excuse

  • Wolfowitz said the WMD justification was just politically convenient. See The Independent.
  • The Bush administration shelved a report showing the massive financial problems the U.S. is now facing. See New York Times
  • Searching for Saddam's DNA, not even finding the alleged bunker. See CBS News.
  • A broad spectrum of organizations are joining forces against the Bush administration. See the Boston Globe
  • More war in Iraq, as U.S. prepares to go after "scumbags". See Yahoo
  • Judith Miller's lies make Jayson Blair's look trivial. Miller's lies cost lives. See The Nation.
  • Graham leads the charge among Democrats against Bush's 911 coverup. See Des Moines Register.
  • We all work for DubyaCo. See Counterpunch.

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