August 21, 2002

Pretty Girls and Boys and Vicious Killers

Spinning the Media Roulette wheel with the remote yesterday I came upon James Carville's crusty face on Crossfire as he squared off with pretty girl Ann Coulter and prettier boy Tucker Carlson, both hard core advocates of the bombing of the people of Iraq. It's strange to see these delicate, pretty creatures who have surely never dealt with a threat to their persons more damaging than a pinprick, but who take such pleasure in the widespread, vicious destruction of human life such as the U.S. has already carried out in Iraq and which the warmongers are advocating again.

Carville was tough on them, though. Carlson doesn't know exactly how to handle Carville and seems to be genuinely rattled and in a sweat a lot of the time. Coulter is a cool cucumber and gets a lot of mileage out of batting her eyelashes and smirking cutely. It's gratifying to see them have to enounter a varmint like Carville, but what they really need is a field trip to the battlefield where the kind of action they so fervently advocate is taking place. In a just world they would wake up one morning as Iraqi children in Baghdad.

-- By David Cogswell

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