June 7, 2003

  • Questions about weapons and lies closing in on Bush, says the Herald Sun.
  • According to Farai Chideya on, the Times editorial resignations are much ado about the wrong things. Chideya lists a number of reporting failures that are far more serious than anything Jayson Blair was guilty of. Why didn't the paper challenge the administrations "flimsy, now discredited rationales for war?" for example. Why has the Times played along with the Bush corporate agenda? When the public needed champions, a press that would challenge the abuses of the rich and powerful, the Times failed to rise to the occasion.
  • John Dean: Is lying about a pretext for war impeachable? See
  • Bush has run into a credibility gulch. See CBS.
  • The Guardian corrected its Wolfowitz article.
  • An ex-agent is defying the CIA with a book releasing sensitive information. See MSNBC.
  • There's a bipartisan move afoot to overturn the new FCC de-regulations. MSNBC
  • There was pressure from Cheney to change intelligence reports. Washington Post.
  • Kucinich introduced a resolution: Show us the evidence of WMDs. Commondreams
  • Krugman: Duped and Betrayed. See the New York Times.
  • Letting the record speak on WMDs. See Tom Paine.
  • Cracks in the dam. See
  • Byrd speaks on the WMD deception. See
  • Opposition to Patriot Act continues to mount. See Santa Cruz Sentinel.
  • Too much power for record labels, copyright holders. See BBC.

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