February 2, 2003

Rolling Back Workers' Rights

Why should you get paid extra for working extra? Screw that, you peon! You're lucky you have a damn job! We could toast you like we're toasting the people in Iraq, or Colombia, or Afghanistan. Consider yourself lucky.

The oligarchy has spoken and workers rights are soon to be history, if they have their way.

Now that they have a tight control on the voting machine technology, why bother to keep up any pretenses about giving a crap what the masses think? Who cares what you think? says George W. Bush, the anointed head of the empire.

See Newsday for a new Bush proposal that gives workers the shaft, and will reduce the requirement for companies to pay extra for overtime.

The administration thinks the 40-hour work week is "antiquated". Workers are like pack animals, only they don't cost so much to replace. Let's return to the good old days of feudalism!

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