January 23, 2003

Russians Say US Attack is Going Forward

According to the Reuters report on Yahoo, "Russia's armed forces have obtained information that the United States and its allies have already decided to launch military action in Iraq from mid-February, news agency Interfax said on Wednesday."

In order not to wake the American people, the assault is intended to be short. That means it will be extremely brutal. The U.S. military will bomb, strafe and terrorize the defenseless men, women and children of that poor country until practically everything gives way, until Saddam Hussein's grip over the country is broken. The highest-tech weaponry will be used to keep Americans at a distance from the killing. The fewer American casualties the less likelihood of waking the sleeping giant. Iraqi casualties, no matter if they are innocent women and children, are not of importance to the U.S. military-corporate-media complex.

The Russian military also say the removal of Saddam Hussein is a pretext. The real objective is to gain control of Middle Eastern oil. But we knew that.

Just please be quiet. Don't wake the Americans.

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