August 27, 2002

Sexy Cheney

This morning AOL greets us with a photo of Clever Dick, who has mysteriously emerged from hiding to "make the case against Iraq." This man has the most surly, curled lip of anyone this side of an angry doberman pinscher. It's about twice as nasty looking as Elvis in the scene from Jailhouse Rock after he's grabbed the girl roughly and planted a brutal kiss on her lips. After she screams at him about his use of such tactics, he says, "That ain't tactics, honey. That's just the beast in me."

Ann Coulter says she thinks Cheney is sexy. (see The New York Observer) "Cheney is my ideal man," she is quoted as saying in the Observer. "Because hes solid. Hes funny. Hes very handsome. He was a football player. People dont think about him as the glamour type because hes a serious person, he wears glasses, hes lost his hair. But hes a very handsome man. And you cannot imagine him losing his temper, which I find extremely sexy."

He was also a brutal CEO of Halliburton who swindled thousands out of millions. Coulter probably gets pretty excited over that, too. She's quoted in the Observer article as saying her only regret about Timothy McVeigh is that he didn't find the New York Times building. Of course in her cuteness, she is glossing over the fact that he killed many innocent people as it was, which may have been cause for some regret. She's also ignoring the fact that his act was blowback for some of the very stupid policies of the government (at Waco particularly, and the Gulf War) that are causing many innocent Americans to be victims these days. This could hardly be transmuted into fury against the New York Times. She's so busy looking for outrageous comments that sell books, she has no concern for the implications of what she says. She also told a college class she does not condemn people for blowing up abortion clinics.

Cheney did just about blow that cool that gets Coulter so hot when he was interviewed after September 11 and he let slip that the FAA has direct lines of communications to the Secret Service. He then stopped abruptly, realizing it could lead to the question, "Then why didn't they do anything when the FAA found out Flight 11 was hijacked two hours before the Pentagon was attacked?" Of course he was in safe hands. No corporate media interviewer would dare trouble him with such a question.

-- By David Cogswell

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