February 15, 2003

Showdown at the UN Corral

According to The Associated Press all but two of the major powers of the UN Security Council soundly rebuffed the drive for war by the US. Only Spain and Britain spoke in favor of the US position and "even Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw held out hope for a peaceful solution if Iraq dramatically accelerates its cooperation," according to AP.

"The day belonged to French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin," the article continued, "whose impassioned speech seeking more time for inspections elicited rare and loud applause from diplomats in the chamber. By contrast, ambassadors and dignitaries greeted Powell's remarks with silence."

Inspector Hans Blix spoke and even took issue with specific claims of Colin Powell in his speech before the UN last week. "The reported movement of munitions at the site could just as easily have been a routine activity" rather than attempts to hide weapons before inspections, as Powell had claimed.

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