July 30, 2002

Bush slams education

The "Education President" said education is no way of "helping people become independent" in a recent criticism of the Senate's new welfare bill. (see "Bush Criticizes Senate Welfare Bill") Bush is upset because the bill, which requires welfare recipients to work full 40-hour weeks, would allow them to count education toward those 40 hours.

Here's his actual quote from the New York Times:

"Now, that's not my view of helping people become independent and it's certainly not my view of understanding the importance of work and helping people achieve the dignity necessary so they can live a free life, free from government control."

Nothing Bush has ever done affirms his claim that he has the slightest concern for education. If it's poor people, obviously he doesn't think education is appropriate. Who is he to talk about "the importance of work." Did he ever even have a job? And who of all people has less authority to talk about "helping people ... live a free life, free from government control." No president in history has tried to impose more government control on people than Bush.

-- By David Cogswell

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