January 21, 2004

Bush's State of Insanity

Bush's State of the Union speech -- what a bizarre ritual. He says a few words, the room explodes in applause. Men who look embalmed stand in rows nodding their heads, standing and sitting, applauding and stopping, all like parts of a perfectly synchronized machine. Bush's speech is stirring, he invokes all the great themes of America. What he says sounds great, but has almost nothing to do with reality.

He stands up there and lies about freeing Iraq, how successful it has all been, how America has no wish to dominate, no desire for empire, only to bring democracy and freedom to the rest of the world. Everything he says sounds great. It's layers upon layers of lies, so many lies it's hard to find a single bit of reality upon which to place a foot. But no one exposes the lies of the emperor. The media don't challenge his lies, don't bother to tell the truth. It's extremely depressing. This man has not the slightest inhibition about telling the largest lies imaginable, about deceiving his victims so that they become his supporters.

Is that what you have to do to be a senator, sit and nod and applaud this bum all night while he tells outrageous lies?

  • Iowa -- Perhaps the most inspiring thing about the Iowa caucuses was the degree to which people got involved passionately. It's pretty inspiring to see a real democratic process in action. It's hard to consider any political process in such a controlled media environment as really democratic, but the Iowa caucus was certainly an impressive display of a democratic processes in action. (See the AP report.)

    In election year 2004, people are really aroused and want to get Bush out of the White House. Look out George, Karl, Donald, Dick and John the Bogeyman. Your days are numbered.

    All the Democratic candidates sound good when they are addressing the atrocities of the Bush administration. I would vote for almost anyone on earth over Bush. It would be a challenge to find anyone I would vote against if he were up against Bush.

    John Kerry has much to commend him. He's a Vietnam war veteran who was one of the founders of Vietnam Vets Against the War. He has a distinguished military record, unlike Bush, who was a total screwup in the service. But I'm not crazy about the fact that Kerry is a Skull & Bones member. As nearly unbelievable as it is, he belongs to the same, sick, elite cult that Bush and Bush's daddy were in. The one where you lie naked in a coffin and confess all your sexual experiences, and other extremely weird behavior. It would seem that the two-party system could produce at least one candidate in the coming election who is not a member of that cult. Just for us Americans who are not big on cults.

  • Jim Hightower: "In the recent holiday season, we saw some of the spiffy work being done by assorted government agencies spending our money to 'protect' us. America was put on "Code-Orange Alert" during the holidays, so there was quite a show of armed force across the land. But does any of it actually make us safer? There were media shots of coast guard officers patrolling New York Harbor, armed with automatic rifles and scanning the water, prepared to shoot... what exactly? The media didn't question. At Houston's intercontinental airport, there was a new patrol of four armed guys in cowboy hats riding horseback around and around the airport's perimeter fences, apparently to catch... what exactly? The media didn't question." Intervention
  • O'Neill's revelations are blockbusters. See DFW.com

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