January 28, 2003

The State of the Union

The State of the Union. Oh please. What can be said about that? It's falling to pieces obviously. The Bush mob has brought the country to its knees. America is under assault from within, from the most powerful, aggressive, unrestrained, merciless group of killers to ever take power in this country since its beginning a couple of short centuries ago.

What will Bush talk about? War of course. What is Bush about? War. The first family of frauds is all about war. For generations that is all they are about. They are among those few select people in any generation who drive the world to war. And here we are. This one is just getting going. It's called World War III. This one is the latest installment in the "War to End all Wars" of approximately a century ago. This one could really do it, but it won't be an end to war by supplanting it with peace. If this is the end, it's really the end.

You can feel the eagerness of Bush for massive destruction. He wants to turn vast reaches of the world into archaeological ruins. He seems to relish the thought of blood and burned flesh. He wants to explode the bombs he has at his disposal, send the jets off to strafe and kill. He wants the world to scream. He wants the very utterance of his name to strike fear into millions of people. What is it that drives him?

One otherwise intelligent person I know said yesterday he would be watching the State of the Union address as a "patriotic" act. I wonder that people can still associate that word with anything to do with Bush, other than eternal vigilance. Are people so enamored with the dignity of the office that they attach that dignity to whoever is sitting there, even if they undermined Constitutional democracy in the very act of taking the office?

The biggest concern in the world today is how deeply asleep Americans are. Is there any chance they will wake before they are consumed in the flames of this Bush-induced catastrophe?

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