January 25, 2003

Telegenic War

Michael Ruppert is reporting at his site fromthewilderness.com that there are signs the attack on Iraq may take place next Monday or Tuesday. If true, this would mean the Rove machine is going for broke to make the most out of the blip in ratings that inevitably follow the State of the Union address to launch the increasingly unpopular war. Bush's ratings are flushing and there is no sign of anything that could push them higher at any time in the foreseeable future. The State of the Union address is the last best hope for the mongers.

Once again you have policy dictated by a public relations campaign, which is really what the administration is. Public relations is the oil between the agenda and the population the agenda is screwing. The Bush-Rove machine is the best there is. But it may not be good enough to ever get a higher rating than right now.

The agenda is set based on the overarching strategy of world domination and economic advantage of the oligarchy that controls the presidency. How it is sold is whatever way works. The rhetoric is a sales pitch, nothing more. It has no relationship to the agenda in content. It is based strictly on what will work to manipulate masses of people into accepting the agenda. Of course if the media propaganda doesn't do the trick, they are quite happy to invoke whatever degree of physical force is required. All of this is obvious to anyone who is paying attention.

The fact that they are restrained by no moral convention known to humankind, but guided strictly by pragmatism in achieving their objectives, makes them extremely formidable. But it does not guarantee them success. Their insatiable greed for power guarantees that they will keep pushing no matter what. They will always want more. So they will inevitably encounter resistance at some point as they continue to drive more and more people into poverty and despair. It's a physical law, but tyrants can never stop to worry about it. They are too busy getting while the getting's good.

It looks like they are going to push the formula one more step, one more giant step into the outrage that never ends with them. Obviously the world is becoming aroused against this menace, the cancerous virus that has infected Washington. The body politic needs to act to remove this threat to its survival.

These are not wise leaders guiding the ship of state for the people. They are not even elected leaders. They are an unconstitutional regime that is actively working to undermine the civil liberties and the checks and balances defined in the Constitution.

They have seen world opinion, after a slow start, mobilizing against their imperial war in the Middle East. They know Bush's popularity will continue to tank. As bad a time as this is, as many things are against it, they know there will never be a better time. This is what they were hired to do. This is why they are in Washington. What the consequences are to this debacle does not concern them. They are only concerned with their objective. Control the Middle East. Control the World. Iraq is the front pin and the bowling ball is in motion. Fallout, blowback, all forms of collateral damage do not concern them. Those items are not on their balance sheets.

We are dealing with the form of life that has emerged on earth to supplant humans in superiority, and to enslave them forever. It's called the corporation and it is a form of life because the law gives corporations the rights of living people. But corporations function more like machines than living things. They are more like viruses than organisms. They function like simple cybernetic devices, goal achieving mechanisms. Their programming does not include compassion, sympathy, care, fairness... loving.

The machines have already taken over.

Legally they are mandated only to maximize profitability for the shareholders. Their software, i.e. our corporate law, needs to be rewritten so that their profit-seeking is tempered by limits when they become deleterious to human life. Now the corporate power in the U.S. has concentrated into such a lethal variety that it is on the verge of becoming a blatant deterrent to life for perhaps half a million Iraqi citizens, and who knows how many after that? People who never did a thing to America.

This is an extremely grim situation.

[work in progress, tune in later]

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