January 27, 2003

Time to Toast Humans

Americans need a little realism. They need to pull themselves out of that tube world and take a look at the reality of the war that is now being forced upon them with the cold calculation of a premeditated murder. Robert Fisk is ready to provide some realism in his January 26 piece for the Independent: "Does Tony Blair Have Any Idea What The Flies Are Like That Feed Off The Dead?". The whole piece is posted at rense.com.

Here's a snippet:

On the road to Basra, ITV was filming wild dogs as they tore at the corpses of the Iraqi dead. Every few seconds a ravenous beast would rip off a decaying arm and make off with it over the desert in front of us, dead fingers trailing through the sand, the remains of the burned military sleeve flapping in the wind.

"Just for the record," the cameraman said to me. Of course. Because ITV would never show such footage. The things we see - the filth and obscenity of corpses - cannot be shown. First because it is not "appropriate" to depict such reality on breakfast-time TV. Second because, if what we saw was shown on television, no one would ever again agree to support a war.

That of course was in 1991. The "highway of death," they called it - there was actually a parallel and much worse "highway of death" 10 miles to the east, courtesy of the US Air Force and the RAF, but no one turned up to film it - and the only true picture of the horrors we saw was the photograph of the shriveled, carbonized Iraqi soldier in his truck.

Are you really ready for this, America? It's time to raise your voice!

I have heard many people say, "I'm not usually political." BUT. There are times when it is not possible to be apolitical. This is coming right into your life now no matter who you are. You no longer have the luxury to be apolitical. If you believe this war is justified, then just go along with it. If you don't, it is time to speak up, to make your voice heard.

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