August 26, 2002

VFW Man: Patriots Stand Up Against Bush Tyranny!

Veteran Donald Clark cries out against the Assault on the Constitution in the Daily Southtown. Clark fought in World War II to save the world against tyranny, or so he thought. Now the present government is selling that victory down the river.

Clark sums up eloquently the key to the solution to our current dilemma:

Each of us, as citizens, must participate to stop the assault on the freedoms and rights that are part of the heritage of every American. We must raise our voices in unison to express our outrage at the direction the administration is taking us. We are now, and forever will be, freedom-loving Americans. The Constitution guarantees that to us.

By fighting back, we will prove to the president that we are not a country of "traitors," but rather a nation of red-blooded patriots.

-- By David Cogswell

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