September 24, 2002

A Wee Little Bit of Resistance

There are a few Democrats in Congress who are balking at giving Bush the resolution he seeks that would authorize him to do about anything he wants in the Middle East, in other words wreak a massive amount of bloodshed, as he is eager to do.

An AP report on Yahoo characterizes them as being "uneasy with move to war."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, a congressman who seems to have retained a little soul, said he is disturbed that the "country which I love so much" now has adopted a stated agenda of assassination, pre-emptive strikes, unilateral action and overthrowing of governments. "This is not an America that I recognize," Kucinich said.

It's an America that has been hiding, a covert government that has been lurking under the surface, that caused Eisenhower to warn against the growth of a "military industrial complex," that first showed its true character in the assassinations of the '60s, the war in Vietnam and the abuses of power of the Nixon administration. It remained covert, but extremely powerful through the other unelected president Ford, who elevated one George Bush to the head of the CIA. It remained powerful during Carter's administration and undermined him through hostile elements in his own government who helped to overthrow him in a series of actions culminating in what is known as The October Surprise.

It was unleashed during the Reagan reign with the administration's invasions and covert wars, thrown slightly off balance with the Iran Contra scandal, but kept a strong momentum under George Bush's presidency, with the Panama Invasion and the Gulf War. The Bush elite was frustrated under Clinton, but remained powerful and came back in full force with the stealing of the election in 2000. Now they are coming out in the open with their plans for world domination.

-- By David Cogswell

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