September 21, 2002

What Are They Hiding?

According to The Washington Post members of the joint House/Senate committee investigating the intelligence failures leading to 9-11 want to know what the presidents -- both Clinton and Bush -- knew about threats of attacks like what actually transpired and the Bush White House is blocking the information, saying they are not entitled to know.

Typically this shifts the issue from the original question to a power struggle with the White House trying to block information. Bush and Cheney have opposed every effort to find out what happened leading to that disaster and it can't help but lead to the question -- why? Why do they not want anyone to know what they knew before the attacks? Would they make such a fuss if they had nothing to hide? If they believed in the integrity of their own actions would they not be forthcoming? When a person runs and hides, is that not usually interpreted as an admission of guilt?

As Joel S. writing on Buzzflash put it:

The son of a former CIA director, Vice-President and President, who is currently the sitting President, claims to have had absolutely no knowledge of the possibility of 9/11. You're joking, right?

They had no idea that planes could be used as weapons. Hey Dubya, did ya ever throw back a kamikaze in your drinkin' days, buddy? Remember that big war your dad fought in? He was a pilot in the Pacific theatre, right? Who was he fightin' against? What tactic did they use? Doesn't Dick Cheney list military strategy as one of his hobbies? I know he never actually "fought" in a war, but he probably knows a thing or too about the big one. And you guys never thought that planes could be used as weapons... You're joking, right?

-- By David Cogswell

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