March 12, 2003

AOL The Worm

I can't believe that AOL is putting up a big quote of Bush today saying that there is a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. It's quite well known that no such link has been established and Bush is simply lying. Or more accurately, the team has decided on that as the message to put into Bush's mouth, and AOL-Time-Warner-Masters-of-the-World just passes it on without qualification, even though it is a lie.

They put up a poll and ask if there is a link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, and they have 66 of the respondants saying yes. Jesus! America, where is your brain? I just can't believe this is for real. It has to be bogus.

Of course they have just put up a big lie telling people that there is a link. So what do you expect these poor little brainless AOL customers to do, think for themselves? Not a chance.

It's one thing to say, "Kill the bastards, exterminate all those vermin!" At least that's honest. But for him to make a false allegation of a connection between two avowed enemies as a false pretext for bombing the innocent people of Iraq, it's disgusting, worse than disgusting. On what level of crime do we place murder in our society? Why do we allow it when it is packaged to us in this way?

And for AOL to pass it on without explaining that it is controversial, to say the least, and really an outright lie. It makes AOL lower than the worm that crawls on its belly, eats dirt and mates with itself.

What makes it all so disgusting is not just the outright lying, the massive blow jobs the media is giving to the power elite in Washington nonstop, it's the fact that we are now talking about mass murder. And we the people are responsible because it is our government and we legally have control over our government. Anyone with more than a handful of brain cells can see through this bogus logic, if they have the will to open their eyes. Most people are just worn down by the incessant pounding of the war message through the major media.

I refuse to believe that Americans want to burn another country's people into oblivion, a country that does not in fact have ties to Al Quaeda. The Bush War Administration, however, is causing practically the whole world to unite against its abuses.

This is mass death we are talking about. It's a Bush-induced plague. It is not acceptable. We as Americans owe ourselves a better country than that.

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