November 6, 2003

Another New World

"Give the people a choice between a Republican and a Republican and they will vote for the Republican every time," said Harry Truman, and this is apparently what underlies the Republican sweep of the United States political system in this moment when the Republican leadership has had such disastrous results for the state of the nation.

Democrats have presented no alternative to the American people. Is it necessary to even put forth the argument? Who can doubt it? As the population has shown its overwhelming opposition to the Bush plan to go to war against Iraq without the support of the U.N., practically all the Democrats rolled over and played dead, giving their authority to Bush to do whatever he wants. On issue after issue, the Democrats don't stand up for the American people. They have given up their base with the working people and thrown in their lots with the big corporations that control the political system as it is. So now they get the proper reward for being second-class Republicans. The only problem is, it's their natural base -- the working people -- who will suffer from all this.

Someone today suggested that the election results were a reflection of the aging baby boomer population trying to hold on to what it has. That is, they are subscribing to the conventional wisdom that Republicans are best for business. But Republicans are good for Big Business, and that capital B is getting bigger all the time as the gulf between the richest and the great middle continues to widen. If you are among the super rich, yes, the Republicans are for you. But for the great majority of Americans struggling to stay in the middle class, the Republicans will only make things harder. Those who support the Republicans because of their lies about leaving more of your money in your own hands are sadly deceived.

Just look at what happened at Enron, the company of Bush's number one contributor "Kenny Boy" Lay? And in many other major corporations that constitute Bush's base. They stole billions from working people. And they will continue to steal more. And those stolen 401ks and lost shareholder value for people who were forbidden to sell their stocks while the big boys sold out before the bottom fell out are only the most obvious and blatant ways corporate America steals from working Americans.

Take a close look at the "tax cut" if you have the patience to read all that arcane, legalistic language. You gave billions of your hard earned money to the corporations that own America, including Enron, which received huge corporate bailouts even after it declared bankrutpcy and it was obvious that massive thievery had taken place.

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