July 30, 2002

Attack of the "Ethnic Group"

Strange times indeed when you read in the Moscow Times about an American government official named Peter Kirsanow who is quoted as saying that America could "forget about civil rights" if there is another terrorist attack on the United States by "the same ethnic group that attacked the World Trade Center." (see "Strange Fruit" in the Moscow Times) Something seems backwards here.

What a sad irony that the country that was once looked upon as a bastion of human rights and freedom is now seen as a bit of a joke in that area by countries that are traditionally much more authoritarian than the U.S.

I would like to tell this idiot would-be commissar Kirsanow that the World Trade Center was not attacked by an ethnic group. We actually don't know who attacked us because the Bush administration has suppressed the information -- as usual in the name of "national security." But even if the attackers were who the Bush administration tells us it was* it was not an ethnic group that attacked the U.S. (*Several of the so-called hijackers whose pictures were provided to us by the FBI shortly after the catastrophe have already turned up alive, see The BBC, "Four of 19 'hijackers' now in doubt")

As a matter of fact, those who the Bush administration said attacked us are Saudi Arabians. Why then did the Bush mob attack Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia? Obviously, the "war on terrorism" is about oil and global domination. It's certainly not about defending the American people. They've clearly shown their lack of interest in that.

Even the Bush administration cannot be so foolish as to try to assert that an entire ethnic group should be punished for the crimes of an individual who is of that ethnic group. Timothy McVeigh immediately comes to mind because the crime is classified as "terrorism." But what about mass murderers, serial killers, just plain old murderers -- how about MEGA THIEFS like Ken Lay and Dick Cheney and ... George W. Bush? Maybe we'd better intern all the white people without due process.

Ugh! These creeps are getting worse all the time.

For more on John Ashcroft's insane domestic war on Arab Americans, see The Washington Post. Ashcroft and the rest of the Bush gang are a disgrace to America. -- By David Cogswell

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