The Bush Bad Times are Back

April Fool's Day, 2001
What better day to acknowledge the reality of one's situation? The American majority was hoodwinked out of its lawful authority by a sophisticated form of three card monte pulled off by James Baker, the Bush machine and the Republican party. Now two months into the new era it's settling in that we're in for a long hard grind of untethered right wing control over the government. It brings back vividly those other Bush days before 1993. Those were hard lean times for the majority, colored by war, recession, unemployment, the country under the control of a big CIA man, and a protégé of Nixon and Kissinger. By the time America had had 12 years of Reagan-Bush, the country was in very sad shape. The economy was tanking. Clever legislative heists had transferred the bulk of the nation's resources into the bank accounts of an ever smaller portion of the population. The in-crowd had looted so much money there wasn't much left for the general population.

Bill Clinton rode in on a tidal wave of discontent, upsetting an incumbent president. Clinton was a virtual unknown, that's how bad things were. There were certainly plenty of problems during Clinton's time for average people, but there was a marked improvement in the economy soon after he got his recovery program rolling. There was a lot more hope in the atmosphere. Of course for the right wing, the rich and the ultra big business elite, it was a frustrating time.

Now Son of Bush has forced himself upon us, and it's funny how things are rapidly going back into a dark, depressing mode like that of Bush's daddy's reign. For the elite of the corporate world there are distinct advantages to hard times. It makes it easier to find employees and keep wages down. A population that is struggling for the necessities of life is not going to have the energy to concern itself with political corruption or covert wars perpetrated by its own government in other countries.

So welcome back to the Bush Depression. It's worse than an economic depression, it's a numbing of spirit.