November 24, 2002

Bad Vibes in Prague

According to The Prague Post German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was "cordial but cold" to our boy George when he visited Germany on his current trip.

Schroeder's narrow victory in the last election was credited to his anti-Bush/anti-war stance. He now is caught up in Bush's famous capacity to hold grudges. According to the Washington Post, Czech president Vaclav Havel tried to arrange a peacemaking session between Bush and Schroeder, but Bush declined. The Prague Post reported that besides the public handshake, there was no visible interplay between the two. The paper quoted a US diplomat saying Bush "feels he was betrayed by Schroeder. The relationship is permanently frayed, and that cannot change."

As to participation in a war against Iraq, Schroeder stands firm: "No, no, definitely not," he is quoted as saying. "There will be no intervention or participation by Germany in any way against Iraq."

Will Germany be added to the list for regime change?

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