Bush "Concerned"

June 5, 2002

Bush "Concerned"

A June 4 Reuters report says that Bush is "Concerned About Sept. 11 Congressional Probes."

You bet he is!

He's concerned, allegedly, about "tying up valuable assets"? Bush would have us believe he is concerned that having some people answering questions before congressional committees will cause such a shortage of manpower it will cripple the government's ability to function.

Bush is back to crying about probes "tak [ing] government experts away from their central job of preventing another attack." That's getting pretty lame, George. It just doesn't add up. How much of a manpower shortage are we talking about here?

Bush's concern, we are told, was "about their being overworked." Overworked? Answering questions before a Congressional committee is an issue of being overworked? I don't think so. George, you aren't fooling us.

Bush is obviously not concerned about what We The Peons know, even though it has already been clearly established without any hearings that the public could have been a lot safer last September if Bush and his cronies had shared a lot more of what they knew about the danger.

It's clear that Bush's judgment of what should be secret is not very reliable to the rest of us.

Bush went on to say he had seen "no evidence suggesting the United States had information that would have allowed it to prevent the attacks on New York and Washington."

This is not reassuring.

It raises some very disturbing questions. One is, does Bush read the papers? We know he pays scant attention to his intelligence reports, but now even the casual reader of newspapers knows that many warnings were ignored and many precautions that could have helped -- could have very likely prevented the attacks -- were not even attempted.

Yes, he acknowledges, the agencies had problems, but those are all better now. How? By what means?

There were nine congressional hearings into the attack on Pearl Harbor. They began soon after the attack, and somehow the war effort was not destroyed. What makes this government beyond questioning?

Bush, whose judgment was so tragically off base last year before the attacks, and who says he still sees nothing that could have been done to protect the American people, expects the people to put their blind faith and trust in him and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Ashcroft and the rest of the rat pack as though they were divinely called to rule, rather than White House squatters who lost the last election by over half a million votes.

He did not even earn the right to be president, let alone to be God.

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